4 Beneficial Tips To Avoid Kangaroo Jumping Towards Front Of Your Vehicle

kangaroo jumping towards front

You may think that kangaroos are cute and all and can not be lethal or venomous while driving. But, kangaroo hitting and jumping towards front of your vehicle can be both potentially fatal and terrifying. 

As you all know, Australia is known as the “most dangerous country in the world” and home to the collection of deadliest animals in the world. But, who would have thought that native kangaroos could make it to be on that list? But when driving in rural areas and even urban areas of Australia, you will find kangaroos jumping the way into your car. Continue reading to know how you can avoid them from hitting.

These Tips Will Indeed Help You To Avoid Kangaroo Jumping Towards Front Of Your Vehicle

A car parked on a city street

While you are driving through the roads of Australia, there is always a chance that wild animals can harm your journey. But in the case of a kangaroo, these are some of the common tips you can use to avoid kangaroo jumping towards front of your vehicle.

  1. The best essential thing you can do is limit your driving at dusk, dawn, and at night in the areas known for having kangaroos because it is said that kangaroos are most active at dawn and dusk, which is the time when most of the hits happen.
  2. Make sure you are not driving at high speed. You should drive your vehicle below the speed limit because it will give you some extra time to see if there is an animal and extra braking time to avoid kangaroo jumping towards front of your vehicle. 
  3. Suppose you come across a case when the kangaroo jumps right in front of your vehicle, brake heavily, and then try not to deviate or swerve. The first step after this situation is to slow down safely by breaking the vehicle in a straight line. Once you slow down, if you find it safe, try to swerve gently. You should not be in a hurry to swerve because hitting a kangaroo is better off than causing an accident that can injure passengers and the driver. 
  4. What you can do for more safety is to install a kangaroo whistle. The best-selling product of this kind costs only up to $10, which is a small investment, but it can minimize your chances of hitting a kangaroo. It is designed to emit a noise with high frequency so that kangaroos do not startle by your approach. The speed of these repellers is up to 50 kph, and their high-frequency sound can warn animals far away from the vehicles. If you think about an ideal condition, the animals can hear the sound from up to 2kms away. When you install these repellers, make sure that you have not put them on backward, and keep in mind that you will have to check the devices regularly to ensure that they are not blocked. 
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Despite using all the tips mentioned above, always be aware of kangaroos jumping towards the front of your vehicle and be prepared for the worst. It is said that prevention is always better than cure; use these tips to avoid any danger

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