Bungee Jumping And Other Fun Ideas For Your Vacation

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Do you want to overcome the fear of heights? Then Bungie jumping can help you out because you have to gather enough courage to participate in this sport, it is a lifetime experience. Bungie jumping is a widely popular sport, where everyone aged over sixteen can participate and for participating you will not need any prior experience. But pregnant women, or people with high blood pressure, overweight, heart problems should not try Bungie jumping, it is very risky for them. Bungee jumping is an action-filled recreational activity, it involves head-first leaping from a tall place, that place can be a building, crane, bridge, helicopter, hills anything. The process is fully secure because the participant’s feet will be attached with an elastic cord. 

Equipment For Bungie Jumping

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To participate in Bungie jumping the participant does not need to carry any equipment. But the servicing company should have all the required equipment. To do Bungie jumping Bungie cord, harness, rubber cord these are essential equipment.  

Bungie cord is the most important piece of equipment that is required for Bungie jumping. Because the ankle of the participant will be attached with this cord which is made of multiple strands of rubber and natural latex.

The harness is very important for your safety while doing Bungie jumping. Because you will be attached with two harnesses during Bungie jumping. One will be to your ankle and then another one to your body, it will give you more protection.

For more safety, some Bungie jumping facilities add extra rubber cords to maximize your protection.

Best Time Bungie Jumping

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Though there is no such specific time for Bungie jumping. But some weather conditions should be avoided such as fog or snow, which can impact your overall experience. Summer can be considered the best time for Bungie jumping as the weather is dry and warm at this time.

Bungie Jumping Spots In India 

Bungee jumping in India is a very new thing to do. Jumpin Heights, one of the highest jumping spots in India, is situated at Mohan Chatti in Rishikesh. Here you get a chance to experience Bungie jumping from a fixed platform. Apart from that, Lonavala is another Bungie spot in India. In Goa, you can try Bungie jumping at the Gravity zone.


The experience of Bungie jumping might be short-lived, but you will cherish this moment lifetime. So, if you feel like being limitless, then just head to any of the Bungie jumping places and bag a lifetime experience. It is advisable to invest some time in going on certain adventurous activities every now and then and this is to keep yourself active and relax your mind to further help you focus on things that matter. With the kind of schedule that we follow on a daily basis, it is not quite possible for us to take time on an everyday basis and relax but when we do get the time, shouldn’t we make the most out of it? Well, when you finalize that, remember to go bungee jumping.

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