Bungee Jumping Off A Bridge – Yes, It Is Possible

bungee jumping off a bridge

In fact, bungee jumping is safer than bungee jumping off a window. You’ll find there are several reasons why.

For one thing, you won’t have the chance to see what happens to you if you fail. People who do bungee jumping say they saw everything that happened as it was happening. They said they saw people getting hurt, falling and bruising. They said they saw people who were killed and others who just missed their chance.

Another reason bungee jumping is safer than other types of jumping is that you’ll be wearing a life jacket. You won’t be dropping to the floor like crazy. You’ll have a chance to keep your balance and you won’t fall off the bridge headfirst. This takes away from the concern that you may take while jumping off the bridge.

Offers Many More Benefits Than People Realize

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Bungee jumping offers many more benefits than people realize. When you’re jumping off of a bridge and you fall, there is no fall to help you. With the help of the harness you’re in, you will be pulled up and hold yourself up until the rescuers can come in. Without the harness, you would fall to the ground and be in serious physical danger.

There is another benefit to this sport besides the physical safety you will have. Many people see these jumps as a form of relaxation. They want to forget about everything else going on in their lives. They want to go away for a few days and forget about the problems they may have at home. When they come back to their jobs, the stress of what happened at the office is still fresh in their minds.

Careful With Your Landing

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If you jump out of a high-rise building, you could experience something similar to this. If you were to hit the ground at the top of your jump, you could possibly break an ankle or worse. This could happen if you were not careful with your landing.

Bungee jumping is a great way to relieve stress and even have some fun. But before you do it, you’ll want to make sure that you are ready. Being a responsible person means that you should always be prepared for anything. Even when you’re just getting started, you should have some knowledge of how to land safely.

Wear A Helmet When Bungee Jumping

You also need to wear a helmet when bungee jumping. This will protect your head in case something happens. You never know when you might hit the ground too hard or your parachute won’t open. The last thing you want is a traumatic brain injury.

The number of jumps that you can do on each outing depends on how many bridges you are able to access. You should only do as many jumps in one place as you can handle safely. You don’t want to end up being too dependent on these jumps. For example, if you only have one free day, you wouldn’t want to try doing 6 jumps in one day.

A Few Safety Precautions

Before you actually get out of the plane, there are a few safety precautions that you should be aware of. First, you must wear goggles. This helps you from debris and other things that could hit your face. There are specific designs made for this. Second, never jump alone. It’s best to have a friend around who can distract you while you’re going into the dive.

Finally, you should always look over your equipment. You never know what you might need. Be sure to replace any jumpsuits before you jump. Also, check the ropes and harnesses for any wear. If you don’t feel comfortable in them, don’t use them.


Overall, you can pretty much expect the same experience when bungee jumping off a bridge. The only difference is the equipment you need for the stunt. What will really make it different is whether or not you have a guide to let you know where to land. Most people do. Otherwise, you’re going to have an accident waiting for you!

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