Cliff Jumping Games- Know All About Them

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Few sports combine the brain and body, as well as cliff diving does. This sport which is the world’s oldest extreme sport, is not for the weak of heart. Dives from up to 90 feet in the air combined with numerous flips and acrobatics demonstrate these athletes’ fearlessness and exceptional agility. Worldwide, cliff-diving competitions, such as the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, feature the most adventurous athletes.

Watching Cliff Diving

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Most people would rather watch professional divers than attempt this dangerous sport themselves. After all, it needs physical ability and expertise and a healthy dose of faith and courage. At Acapulco’s La Quebrada Cliffs, spectators gather in a restaurant atop the cliff to witness the divers fly over a 148-foot cliff and into the beautiful blue ocean. These divers, who have been a part of the evening’s amusement for years, deliberately time their entrances into the water to land when the waves arrive, and the ocean is at its deepest.

Mexico is not the only country where spectators can see athletes compete in this risky sport. It is also common in countries such as Australia, Greece, and Brazil. Naturally, it continues to be a global sport as well as a participatory activity in Hawaii.

What Exactly Is Red Bull Cliff Diving?

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Numerous private promoters conduct both small and large-scale cliff diving activities. FINA organizes top-level cliff-diving competitions, including high diving as a competitive sport in 2012. The High Diving World Cup, the High Diving World Championships, and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series are all events at the top level of high diving.

Hundreds of fans flock to different locations around the world each year for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series competition. These competitions pit male and female divers against each other to see who can execute the most spectacular and death-defying dive. The dives are acrobatic, and spectators usually hold their collective breath as the athletes leap from scenic rocks or bases set high along the sheer cliffs.

Proper Training Is Essential

Cliff divers are suitably qualified athletes who spend countless hours training their minds and bodies. Todd Walton, a 20-year veteran of cliff-high diving, emphasizes the importance of sound professional education and rigorous preparation before taking the first dive off a cliff. He recommends beginning with pool diving and progressively increasing the height of your dives over time.

The Highest Dive

The highest cliff jump ever documented occurred in 2015, when Laso Schaller, a Brazilian-born Swiss athlete, jumped from a height of 193 feet. His spectacular jump took place in Switzerland and was significantly higher than those attempted by most other divers. On average, most divers jump from approximately 85 feet, which is still a frightening height.


Even if you are a person who does not have the professional knowledge and severe training needed to become a full-fledged cliff diver, and you want to experience the same kind of thrill. Then you can try some of the online games available on different platforms.

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