Everything about Cliff Jumping In Ohio

cliff jumping in ohio

Cliff jumping probably has to be one of the most adventurous yet dangerous extreme sports known to mankind. But it just does not stop at that. There are various types of cliff jumping. The one done without any equipment is called tombstoning. The one done with the help of a parachute is called base jumping. Cliff jumping as a sport can be fatal and is performed by professionals only. Ohio is known for its scenic beauty, mountains and naturally, the cliffs. Cliff diving is a very popular sport over there, and today we are going to dig deeper into it.


Cliff Jumping

Precautions and safety measures are a must while carrying out such a dangerous sport. What starts out as a fun adventure may soon end up being lethal and you might even plummet to your own deaths.   A lot of people have seriously got injured and even died from a low height too. The thing is, the higher the height is, the higher are your chances of dying. Recommended height is always 40 feet. Even Ohio has banned a lot of sites from allowing people to jump off cliffs.

Cliff Diving Locations

Cliff Jumping

Here is a little list of all the potential locations for cliff-diving: East Munroe Falls, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Rockmill Falls, The Peninsula Quarry and The Quarry. Please seek expert supervision before trying out cliff diving by yourself. You have been warned.

Legal Status

Because of several individuals falling to their death, there are now six sites banned for cliff jumping in Ohio. Since there are so many locations in Ohio now stated illegal for extreme sports like cliff diving, we recommend you all to thoroughly go through the legality status of each and every site in Ohio you come across. If you plan on cliff diving in a banned region, you could face some serious problems. With that being said, also carry a cliff diving guide and manual while planning your next trip to a legal location.


This adrenaline rush inducing adventurous sport is popular among many people today. Almost everyone from all around the world visit Ohio to gain their unique cliff jumping experience. However, with great adventure comes great responsibility too. Perform the sport under the supervision of an expert. Follow all the rules we have mentioned in this article and you will be good to go. With all this being said, we hope you all realise how dangerous and life-taking this sport is. Once again, this article is only written to provide you all with the information about these sites in Ohio popularised for cliff diving. We would not be liable for your own loss. Perform at your own risk.

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