Here Is The Revolutionary Heated Vest For All

The heated vest is one smart invention that keeps the most sensitive areas of the body warm despite the weather. It creates a microclimate for the body. They are very useful for athletes who participate in sporting activities that are common in an extremely cold climate. The best use of this heated vest is during, ice skiing, climbing, and mountaineering. The vest is smart in design and is user-friendly as you do not have to deal with any battery or wires. They have been smartly concealed within the textile to give it an elegant and stylish look. The main objective behind using this heated vest is to protect an athlete from freezing and keep them fit to perform.

Another biggest advantage of this heated vest is that after wearing them you can practice outdoor without having to worry about the weather elements. In this way, the weather does not get any chance to play a spoilsport for your practice sessions. Depending on the nature of the climate you always have the easy option of controlling the temperature level within the visit. With easy charging options, you are never in danger of the power running out. The best part is that even if you have been able to charge the vest or you are not near a charging point, you can still use a power bank to charge them. The special fabric is waterproof and blocks the wind and at the same time keeps the heat intact.

It’s Design

The heated vest has been specially designed to be worn under any type of clothing. They can easily adapt to different activities and clothing. The carbon filaments have been strategically placed within the vest to maintain a uniform temperature throughout. Hence it is a very useful garment that is a must-have for all the athletes who practise and play in extreme weather condition. So if it is not, then waste no time further, place it on your to-buy list today.

Heated Clothing Vest USB Outerwear

Here Is The Revolutionary Heated Vest For All
Here Is The Revolutionary Heated Vest For All


  • It works with a power bank and the vest is rechargeable with carbon-fibre that produces heat up to 8hours
  • The vest has three types of settings: High-grade (65°); Mid-range (55°); and Low-grade (45°) and can be controlled with the help of the front power buttons.
  • The primary heating zone covers the back, sides, and the front
  • It is weather and water-resistant and light in weight.
  • Different sizes and variations are available. The popular sizes are M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • The Pack contains one unit of the Heated Vest USB Charging Outerwear
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