How Elastic Thermal Gloves Can Help You

The elastic thermal gloves are the perfect choice for all the bad boys and girls who love to participate in motorcycle or cycling sports events. They provide a comfortable grip with its screen-touchable and anti-slip technology. These elastic thermal gloves have a wrist strap made of nylon that gives a perfect fit and provides stability. To make it fit for all types of users, they have a special half-finger design. They are durable and sturdy and the excellent stitch makes it wear-resistant. It can make your outdoor sporting activity a comfortable and fun-filled event for you. Quality materials are used for manufacturing them and they do not contain any toxic substances that cause any allergic reaction.

They are a perfect choice for events like motorcycling, cycling, skiing, boating, and climbing. These elastic thermal gloves create vibration, friction, and pressure on your fingers and palms thus giving you a firm grip of the object.

The extra padding on the glove gives that extra layer of protection to your hands and also reduces the risk of any skin irritation that may be caused while doing the activity. The elastic thermal gloves can be of various types depending on the season and time. During summer you generally thermal gloves that expose the fingers. They are made of a thinner material to avoid sweating and reducing the risk of slipping. While during winter, full-length elastic thermal gloves are preferred. They are made of thicker material and provide protection from the cold winds. They keep your fingers warm and insulated. So if you still do not have gloves and are cycling or a motorcycling enthusiast. Now is the time that you should purchase one for yourself.

Elastic Thermal Gloves Sportswear

How Elastic Thermal Gloves Can Help You


  • It is screen-touchable and comes with the anti-slip grip
  • The wrist strap secures the glove to each hand and its fits all hand types.
  • It is durable and can endure extreme wear and tear.
  • High elasticity lycra fabric is the material used for these gloves.
  • The color variant available with us is grey, black & orange, and black & green.
  • The dimension for the small size is 7-8cm; with the hand girth of 18-19.5cm
  •  Medium size comes with the dimension of  8-9cm; and the hand girth is19.5-21.5cm
  • The dimension of the large size is 9-10cm; with the hand girth of 21.5-23.5cm
  • They are comfortable, breathable, and light in weight
  • The pack contains one unit of the gloves
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