How to Set a New Cliff Jumping World Record

cliff jumping world record

The Cliff Jumping World Record is one of the many accolades awarded to those who participate in this extreme sport. This competition exists to recognize those who surpass every expectation with regards to this extreme sport. The winner of this competition is proclaimed as the world’s tallest free-climber. It was established in 2021 and has since been gaining popularity amongst sports enthusiasts around the globe.

An Overview

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The Cliff Jumping World Record is now held by Matt Lobregart. This person has set a new world record during his first attempt. At the time, he jumped straight off the cliffs located in Brandenburg, Germany. Later on, he went back for another attempt which resulted to a jump of 193.9 feet. This made him the first person to accomplish two different jump attempts within a year.

This made him the first person to complete the challenge during the same month of July. This also made him the first person to complete it on a July day. It is therefore ironic that this person entered the competition in the month of July when it is often sunny throughout the world.

This was actually the second time that Matt Lobregart tried to jump from a cliff in Germany. In the first competition, he fell 10 feet in the process. However, this was later proven wrong as he successfully passed the psychological test.

Understand The Concept

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To know whether you have indeed beaten the world record for the highest jump, you have to first understand a bit of the background. There are strict rules which must be followed when you are trying to beat the record. This is done to discourage people from attempting to surpass this record which has already been set by someone else.

There are different levels that need to be jumped in order to qualify for a new record. The higher up you go, the more obstacles which will be present. For instance, if you are jumping from the lowest platform, you will be using a harness instead of actual barefoot. Therefore, there will be no risk involved.

However, it should be noted that these jumps are not controlled and there is no way of telling when you will actually make it. This is why you need to prepare yourself completely. You need to have good health and the proper equipment. You should also practice your skills in bungee jumping as much as possible before trying the actual thing.

Manage The Record

If you do manage to beat the record, you will become an instant member of the world record board. There is actually no need for you to celebrate it as you will have actually passed your psychological test. However, this record will be a nice representation of your overall physical strength. When it comes to physical fitness, you can never measure its effectiveness as there are too many factors involved. Therefore, this record will definitely turn out to be more significant than you think. So, start training for the next one and beat everyone’s record!

Now, let us move on to training. As mentioned above, cliff jumping requires a lot of training. You cannot just jump straight up into the water without preparing your body first.

For example, if you want to jump out of a long narrow cliff, you should first practice jumping from a short distance. When you are already at a short distance, you can increase your jumps. You can take your time and perfect each jump until it becomes effortless. This is actually the most important part of your training, because if you increase the number of jumps in a row, there will be a very high chance for your body to be trained perfectly for the real competition.

You should also include intense cardio training in your regimen. Jumping straight up into the water without doing any cardiovascular exercises will only lead to serious problems later on. You should try to exercise in the pool or any other suitable place. This will make you stronger and better able to sustain your jumping abilities for a longer period of time.


As previously stated, you cannot just set a jumping world record if you do not have good stamina and body control. In addition, you should also have a good endurance level if you want to keep the record. So, now that you know how to prepare and train for the record attempt, it is now time to focus on getting prepared for the actual competition. Keep these tips in mind and do not forget to train consistently and regularly for this awesome challenge.

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