Kangaroo Rat Jumping – A Wacky Movie I Would Like To Recommend

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This is an advertisement that was posted on a website that advertised a Kangaroo Rat Jumping Gif. The ad promised “The greatest gift I can give to you will be a real one!” with a picture of this unique product. Well, I know my kitty can’t get enough of jumping, so I thought I would find out exactly what this unique kangaroo rat jumping it is all about.

Know The Quality Of Gift

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The gift is made from a vinyl material, and it looks just like a pretty little t-shirt. However, it has some kind of really cool electronic gadget on the front. It would appear to be an infrared camera, and there are even little black dots all over it! The photo on the front resembles something out of a spy movie, which to me, would definitely make the animal look smarter and more cunning. I have heard that these tiny little gizmos really help animals learn how to jump higher and farther, and it would certainly make them a lot more enjoyable to own!

Now, aside from this ad for this incredible item, there is no other information about this particular kangaroo rat jockey. The website also has a contact number, which is listed as a pink phone. The phone number doesn’t do anything for me, since I’ve never seen a kangaroo rat before in my life. And don’t think I’m complaining! This is a really neat idea and definitely a unique gift.

Review Of The Toy

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Anyway, back to this kangaroo rat jumping toy. It looks exactly like what it says it is, a kangaroo rat, and they are pretty rare animals. According to the website, there are only 15 of these animals left, so if you purchase one of these, you would be one lucky kid!

The website does have some other interesting facts about these animals, besides all the fun stuff. For example, they were almost wiped out when humans first arrived on earth because of over farming. These cute little animals would run around the farms taking up all the food, leaving nothing for the native wildlife. Then when farmers changed their diets, the kangaroo rats were able to survive. They have bounced back ever since.

They Like To Play Pranks On Humans

The other interesting fact about these adorable rats is that they like to play pranks on humans. They would run up and down the streets and slam doors and windows and then scream and jump around the house. This is a prank that kids really like to play. If you can find one of these kangaroo rats, you would probably be able to teach it a few words.

Bottom Line

By the way, I recently saw “Kanga Ripper” on Netflix! I loved it! Movie rating: 4!

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