Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stumps Is Back

kangaroo shoes jumping stilts

They are especially designed to provide the comfort of walking, running or climbing on the ground while holding onto the ends of the rods attached to the stilt. The newest models feature the most modern technology, including carbon fiber, which is said to be stiffer than steel, and durable and lightweight. Jumpers are available in different sizes and lengths for different activities. These include; racing, competition, training and indoor.

Kangaroo shoes are available in many colors and designs. Some feature plain black with no additional embellishments. There is a model for every purpose. Jumpers for racing, training or indoor use are available in different sizes. This includes; the Power Skip, Mega Skip, Predator, Warbird and Zulu.

The power skip stumps are made from carbon fiber, which is known to be more durable and lightweight. They are not only lightweight but durable too. The stumps are made to withstand jumping and can be easily cleaned. They also come with a heel strap, which is useful when wearing these stumps. The Mega Skip is the largest and strongest of the kangaroo shoes, and it provides a high level of stability.

The Power Skip stumps are lightweight, durable and provide the necessary support when training. Mega Skip and Power Stump are similar in size and design. The difference between these two is that Mega Skip comes with a heel post and power lace. These stumps are available in different sizes for kids.

You can choose from the Power Stump, Mega Stump and Predator jumping stumps. Each of them has their own advantages. The Power Stump provides more stability and durability. The Mega Stump is lighter and less expensive than the Power Stump. These stumps are best for jumping and have metal plates on the front for durability. These are very easy to clean, which is essential if kids often spill stuff during their games.

The Predator Stump is great for kids who like to challenge themselves. It has rubber spikes on the sole, which helps prevent slipping. These are available in junior, girls and boys sizes. The junior size features a shorter and slimmer design.

There is a particular design for kids who are into sports and other activities. The Power Stump feature dual jumping stumps. This means that it can support two feet at a time. The Mega Jump Stumps feature a triple stumps. This means that it can support three kids at once for more stability.

Last Words

A close up of some shoes

It is easy to understand why kids love kangaroos. No doubt, it will be difficult to resist jumping on one. So if you have kids, then you should consider buying kangaroo themed shoes. They are sure to be fun and keep your kids happy.

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