Know The Bungee Jumping Weight Limits Before You Join

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Bungee jumping has grown to become one of the most exciting extreme sports that many people today look forward to. The excitement begins when the adrenaline rush and anticipation of jumping from heights are reached. One does not only enjoy the thrill but also gets to savor the fun in visiting a particular destination. However, bungee jumping may be undertaken by people at a higher altitude than where they are residing.

Bungee Jumping Packages

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In case the novice bungee jumping jumper wants to increase his jumping distance, he needs to visit nearby riverside camps. There are certain packages that enable the novice to undertake the adventure. It is essential to note that the higher the package, the longer the jump and the more amount of money one is liable to spend for it. There is a general rule that people who are below the age of 18 years are not supposed to undertake this sport under any circumstances. It is also important to note that the package g n g or does not include the medical expenses and all other associated costs.

However, if the novice does not want to face any kind of hassle, he can avail of the package g n g rrr that enables him to indulge in bungee jumping at any point of time and anywhere he wishes. This is the best extreme sport that requires minimal preparation time. The person just needs to get himself properly packed. He needs to wear the proper clothing that will enable him to avoid the freezing cold temperatures while jumping out of the plane. He can also try out the helmet that has some weight restrictions.

 Weight Limit For The Helmet Is Influenced By Quality Of Material

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The weight limit for the helmet is influenced by the material from which it is made. The material must be strong enough to prevent the head from being smashed into the side of the plane. Some pilots have reservations about using the helmets as they feel it may cause damage to the eyes. In such cases, they can go in for the goggles with some weight restrictions.

Other Options Are Also Available 

If you are not interested in the helmet, there are plenty of other options available for you. You can choose from the parachute kits that have different weight restrictions. There are several bungee jumping equipment that come with different weights restriction. You can even choose the one that comes with a special light that enables the jumper to see in low light conditions. All these equipments together form the complete set and they all work on the same principle of lifting the jumper off the ground.

The safety gear also comes with various weight limits. You can find harnesses, knee pads, harnesses with weights and so on. If you are a beginner and have decided to join bungee jumping, then you must wear a short sleeved, fully fit jumpsuit. If the jumper is over 65 years of age, he/she must wear a long-sleeved jumpsuit and long boots. A helmet with a visibility of over 6m must be worn at all times.


Apart from safety, bungee jumping has become popular because of the extreme sports and adventure that it offers. You can perform various stunts and free fall tricks during bungee jumping. However, you must be very careful because falling during bungee jumping is more than just a fall. It could lead to serious injuries or even death! So, keep your head, hands, heart and soul well protected. Follow the weight limits clearly and you will be one step closer to enjoying the extreme sport.

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