Most famous spots for Cliff Diving

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This is one of the most thrilling and adventure water sports or rock sports. The meaning of cliff diving is like its name: diving in the water from the highest rocky cliff. This is a similar sport like rock climbing or base jumping. It is a part of coastal sport and also known as tombstoning. This sport requires not only courage but also skill. It is the Hawaii originated sport by Hawaiian King Kahekili in 1700. It is not just for thrill seekers, it is a widely respected adventure sport with history and intense competition. Here Are Some Best Cliff Diving Spots In US:

If you have decided to go on an adventure weekend, then these cliff diving spots will fulfill your thrilling adventure soul.

Kahekili’s Leap

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This is the place where cliff diving first got attention and recognition. Kahekili’s Leap is in Hawaii where this sport was originated. The birdman king kahekili send his knights to jump from the high cliffs to prove their loyalty and bravery. Today this spot is used for Cliff diving competitions for highly skilled athletes. This is not a place for beginners as it is very risky place. Kahekili’s Leap is also a historical landmark place and best place for hiking. Once you are at the tip of the rock, you will get splendid views of the ocean.

High Falls

A person flying through the air on a rock

Located in North East Alabama, High Falls is the best natural spot for cliff diving. You can jump from anywhere and it will give you the best experience of cliff diving. It is 35 ft high and anyone can try cliff diving. The best place for beginners to try this thrilling adventure. It will be like a perfect day trip, you can jump from the high cliffs and swim, you can also carry food and enjoy the view from the top. You can visit this place with your friends, families or you can go alone.

Creek Falls

Creek falls is one of the most well known places for jumping in California. It takes a two hours ride from LA. It is like one kind of experience where you hike for three miles to reach the top and then jump into the waterfall. It is good for everyone. But you just have to be more careful and always check the water levels. And avoid going there in the rainy season.

Havasu Falls 

125 high foot drop and crystal clear water, this fall is located outside the grand canyon in the Havasupai reservation. It’s xtreme height makes it incredibly dangerous. But the views from the top are worth it. You must have to try this heavenly beautiful place. 


Cliff Diving is one of the most respected and famous adventure sports which requires skills, courage and strength. These all places are very famous for this sport. Where you can experience and explore cliff diving. But you have to be careful because jumping from the high cliffs and going down in the water is quite risky but worth it.

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