Places to Jump Off at Your Next Holidays

Water next to the ocean

If you love to travel to places where nature is so close that you can feel the rock and read about it, then you should consider booking a trip to some cliff jumping spots in Spain. The Mediterranean climate and lovely beaches make Spain one of the most popular destinations for cliff jumping. More people are discovering the joys of cliff diving and cliff jumping during their travels. So when you’re planning a vacation to Spain, what should you look for in the perfect cliff jumping destination?

St Garden Island

A person riding a surf board on a body of water

The best cliff jumping spots take a little bit of free-rising! St garden island is a veritable haven for water sports and parties-boats usually drop anchor at sunset and sail for hours on end with a few stops for free rising at the cliffs. If you don’t mind being tied up with the booms, this is a place worth visiting.

Visit Ajourim Beach


If you are looking for some more independent activities, then there is no better place than Morocco. Visit Ajourim beach on the north coast, and the cliffs and dunes will greet you. These dunes are ideal for cliff diving and cliff jumping. But, if you’re not interested in going off on your own, then you can always hire an expert to give you a demonstration and jump with you. The whole family will enjoy this unique experience.

Sahara Desert

For those who like to take things a step further, there is also the possibility of landing on the Sahara desert. This is another popular destination for those seeking some adventure. For those who are more adventurous, there is the option of heading into the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This tends to be the most challenging part of the trek due to the sheer height. The great thing is that there are many options for cliff jumping spots here, so you won’t need to worry about getting bored with it.

Island Of Majorca

Another one of the top cliff jumping spots in Morocco is located on the island of Majorca. The island is only a couple of hours away from Barcelona by car, and there are numerous activities to enjoy on the island. If you are looking to jump into the Mediterranean on holiday, then you can do so from the island. You can stay on the beach and enjoy the scenery while watching the waves crash onto the beach. The beaches on Majorca are also very popular with tourists looking to relax on a day off from touring the area. You can enjoy sunbathing and relaxing on the beach before heading back to the coast.

Final Thoughts

One of the unique cliff jumping spots in Morocco is called the rope swing. You may be thinking that rope swings are not as exciting as some other activities, but they are certainly a fantastic experience. To get to the cliff, you have to walk a long distance on the uneven ground until you come to a small bridge where a rope swing is suspended from. The entire activity can be hazardous, so you recommend that you take along a friend or loved one who can follow you as you walk and then jump off when you reach the cliff.

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