Safety Precautions To Take Before Cliff Diving

Cliff jumping or cliff diving is a type of extreme sport where an individual jumps off a high cliff into a water body. People interested in participating in this sport generally hike up a cliff to reach a point from where they jump with full speed into a river, lake or an ocean. It is a summer favorite for many as it gives a sense of relaxation and thrill. It is also a favorite sport for many adventurous enthusiasts as they love to jump off a cliff without any control.

Even though this activity looks thrilling, it’s also risky undertaking. Cliff diving is one of the most dangerous sport with an average injury risk rate of about 55%. There are many reported injuries and deaths involving cliff jumping. Hence, it is always in the best interest to take proper safety measures while enjoying this activity. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, you must be fully prepared before diving and be able to gauge the surrounding. Here are some important safety measures that you must adhere to before cliff diving.

Safety Precautions To Take Before Cliff Diving
Safety Precautions To Take Before Cliff Diving

10 Important Safety Measures Before Cliff Diving

Be A Good Swimmer Before Cliff Diving

You must be an excellent swimmer before considering this sport. If you are uncomfortable with water or you are not a good swimmer then you should think twice before jumping off a cliff. You need to have strong swimming abilities before you think of diving off a cliff. You must have proper underwater breathing and swimming training before you embark on this mission.

Never Go Solo For Cliff Diving

If you are planning to go for cliff jumping all alone then it can be a dangerous idea. It is always better to have someone with you. In case of emergency, you will always have help at hand.

Depth Of Water

Before jumping off the cliff ensure that the water body is deep enough. You should try to measure the depth of the water with a measuring stick or any such equipment before jumping into it. Make sure the water is deeper than four meters or else this sport can cause you critical injuries. If there are rocks at the bottom then you must check the water level as rocks make the water look deeper than it is.   

Safety Precautions To Take Before Cliff Diving
Safety Precautions To Take Before Cliff Diving

Wearing Proper Shoes

Jumping off a high cliff can result in bruised feet in case of a collision with the bottom. It is advisable that you must wear sneakers or water shoes to prevent such injuries. This will also give a firm grip before jumping off.

Never Jump Head First

While cliff diving you must always remember to jump feet first into the water. This is a common mistake that people make and jump with their head first meeting fatal accidents. Jumping headfirst will put you into a serious risk of hurting your head that can be fatal.

Keeping Your Body Tight And Streamlined

Before jumping you must have a proper posture. As the wrong posture can result in serious accidents. Remember to put your arms and legs together all the time. Scattered arms and legs can make you hit an object or get misbalanced.

Blow Out The Air Through The Nose

When you hit the water always remember to breathe out through your nose. This will prevent the water to rush into your nose and will help you to gain balance in the water pressure.

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