The Adventures Of Bungee Jumping

bungee jumping dubai

In fact, Dubai is a haven for people who love bungee jumping. Some of the key locations where bungee jumping is on a high is Dubai desert, Al Maktoun, Jumeirah beach, Emirates Hills, Desert Island, Satwa Mountains, Sharjah, Omer Desert, Emirates Creek, The Wadi Rum and The Wild Wadi.

Jethal Beach in Dubai is a preferred location for some who participate in bungee jumping. It is a popular destination because it offers some of the best bungee jumping destinations in the world. Jethal Beach is also known as “The Hills”. Just north of Dubai lies Jumeirah Beach, which is the second highest spot in Dubai.

Tell Mirdiff

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Apart from Dubai, jumps are very common taking place at Tell Mirdiff, which is located in the United Arab Emirates. The only difference between Tell Mirdiff and other locations is that it has the highest jumps in the world. This is a popular tourist attraction in the area. There are also bungee jumping trips to take place at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. Burj Al Arab was constructed over 20 years ago and was among the tallest buildings in the region.

The Burj Al Arab’s height makes it one of the best places for bungee jumping. You can jump from around 120 stories. Another popular jump site is the Mountain Jump Club. Here you can enjoy ten jumps within a few minutes. If you wish to participate in bungee jumping at the Dubai World Trade Center, you can go through the tunnels, which are approximately nine feet deep.

The Travel Agents

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If you wish to take your Dubai trip all the way, there are many companies that will cater to your needs. A great option is to sign up with one of the travel agents who will then arrange all arrangements on your behalf. A travel agent can also offer accommodation, transport and meals. They can also organize a free demo jump for their clients.

Bungee jumping has also been featured in Hollywood films. The following movie is called Vegas Vacation. The lead character goes through a very interesting experience where he has to jump over a large amount of sand and over multiple dips to complete his task. This is supposed to be the first of three Vegas jumps. It is supposed to be a record ten jump. After this, more movies have been filmed at various resorts and beaches in the region.

The Best Beaches In The World

The beaches at Dubai are some of the best beaches in the world. Many tourists prefer to go surfing here rather than going bungee jumping. In fact, there are some beautiful beaches here that have excellent waves. The waves can be used for various water sports. People also love to spend time swimming during the day.

The Dubai beaches are ideal for water sports during the summer. The water temperatures are comparatively cooler. There is less sand during summer months. When you see people jumping on the bungee jumping machines at the beaches in Dubai, you will understand why they prefer to go here rather than any other place. In short, Dubai offers an amazing experience to its visitors, especially Bungee jumping.

Dubai During Winter

A visit to Dubai during winter, on the other hand, will allow you to enjoy the indoor section of the bungee jumping Machines. There are small indoor parks located here where you can jump on one of the indoor bungee jumping machines. These machines are not as strong as the machines used for bungee jumping off the towers.

The indoor parks are a great way to relax with your family members. They can play some games and spend time together. The indoor playgrounds are ideal places for kids. Even the elderly people like visiting the playgrounds when they feel stressed out by the day’s activities.


While on a visit to Dubai, you cannot afford to miss a trip to the Dubai bungee jumping attraction. It will refresh your memory of the fun filled bungee jumping days. It is no doubt the next big adventure for you and your friends. Get ready to have the experience of a lifetime.

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