The Bungee Jumping Goes Wrong

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Many people won’t bungee jump. Reasons are numerous and varied. The main reason being is they’re afraid of falling. This is what happened in this unfortunate case of Bungee jumping gone horribly wrong.

Unfortunate Case Of Bungee Jumping Gone Horribly Wrong

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miraculously, after being rushed straight to the hospital by ambulance, she was pronounced fit days later. She was airlifted back to London and put under observation. It was soon discovered though, that she had suffered a brain injury. It turned out she had slipped in some whale oil and had a closed head. This meant that even if someone else attempted to rescue her, without a doubt, she would fall and hit the floor. The extent of the injury required a high level of medical care.

The first emergency medical technician on the scene, presumed to be the same woman who had managed to bungee dive before, was not as lucky. She’d taken some heavy steps and was seriously injured when the other divers tried to pull her out from under the water. A scan of the brain showed no signs of life, so the emergency medical technicians concluded she’d suffered a serious accident and ordered an urgent search for a qualified bungee diving expert.

Experienced Bungee Expert And Knew Exactly Where To Look For The Victims

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But before they could call any specialist rescue divers to get their friend out of the water, another emergency worker had to go and take charge of the whole operation. He was an experienced bungee expert and knew exactly where to look for the victims. By chance though, one of the divers in the group had seen the accident happen. In his hasty call to 911, he explained what had happened, which immediately helped the other rescue workers who then quickly tended to the two injured jumpers.

The next person on the scene was the head dive master from the local dive shop. He instinctively knew that this was a serious incident and began to work with the other rescue workers to get more information. Meanwhile, one of the divers, whose name was Mike, had grabbed one of the first bales of bungee cloth he’d been given and was already getting ready to try and patch up the injured man. But when he saw how badly the man was injured he decided he’d better remove the man’s head before he entered the water too.

Breathing With Difficulty – The Bungee Jumping Goes Wrong

So without a mannequin and a bungee cloth, the injured man, still groggy from the dive and breathing with difficulty, slowly wiggled himself into the water. Two divers wrapped him up with the cloth and gently retrieved him onto the stretcher. The man suffered only slight injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The rescuers were so pleased that they decided not to retrieve the second man’s head. They assumed that he would die a slow, painful death in the deep blue waters.

Mike, one of the divers who had administered the bungee jumping, was asked later why he hadn’t pulled the man out earlier. “I just didn’t have time,” said Mike. Just before the divers left, he had told one of the guys on the diving team, “Dude, you have to take the guy out of there!” And off he went to pull the man from beneath the murky water.

Summing Up

It was then that another diver from the diving group came running up, holding his head in his hands. “He just went crazy,” said Mike. According to him, this was the second incident within a day that the bungee-diving guy was unconscious during the dive. There really wasn’t much that the bungee jumping group could do; they could hardly see because the water was so murky.

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