Top 5 Jumping Kangaroo Toys

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Unable to decide the most suitable toys for your child as he has bored of those plastic toys and wants something new! Try these jumping kangaroo toys and your child will like these entertaining jumping toys for sure. Scroll down and check out the specifications of each of them and choose the best one for your child to gift him.

Jumping And Bouncing Horse For Toddlers:

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This jumping toy is made up of soft rubber which makes it highly durable and eco-friendly. It can bear up to 35 kg of weight. For teaching your kid to maintain balance, this one can be a great option. You will get a pin and air pump for inflation purposes as this product doesn’t come with any battery support. Because of its great build quality, you don’t need to fear puncture at all. This quality makes this jumping toy fit for indoor and outdoor entertainment for your child. Different color choices are available for this toy.

Brown FunZoo Soft And Cozy Jumping Kangaroo Toy:

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Made up of soft fabric, this jumping kangaroo toy will keep your child indulged in playing with it for hours. This 30 cm high is recommended for children between 3 to 12 years of age. Moreover, there is no need to panic about flattening and puncture as it doesn’t have any air plug to fill in with the air. In addition to jumping and hopping, the soft and cozy fur with buff-brown shade will invite your child for cuddling and hugging it again and again. Outer fur is very thick compared to those in the toys of many other brands.

Brown Jumping Kangaroo Toy By DHOOM

Designed for kids of 3 years and above, this toy has the capability of becoming the best companion for your child. Its extremely soft brown fur with a baby in her pouch makes it look like a real kangaroo. This made in India jumping kangaroo toy is washable and easy to carry. It is highly durable whether it may be jumping or hopping even outdoors. Seeing all these qualities, the price is very less than expected.

SIMULATION Kangaroo With Joey Model For Story Telling

This toy is not exactly for jumping purposes but it can fulfill your many other purposes in addition to the entertainment of your kids. This brown kangaroo made up of hard plastic is fit for storytelling and demonstration purposes. Its dimensions of 8x 3.5x 9cm (length-width-height) make it a good suggestion for decorating your showcase and desk of your drawing room. Moreover, this can be a great recommendation as a gift.

Raffles Trading HitMe 3D Inflatable Jumping Kangaroo Toy:

All the previous toys were either air-filled, fabric-made or with a plastic structure but this HitMe jumping kangaroo toy is water-filled. Made up of PVC, this toy has an inlet in its base so that you can fill in its bottom to let it stand erect and bounce. 


If you’re looking for a jumping kangaroo toy, try to get a multipurpose and durable one. In this list, the 4th one is a bit pricey and our best recommendation is the 3rd one.

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