Train Your Kangaroos To Jump On Your Car

kangaroo jumping on car

Have you ever watched a kangaroo jumping on a car and wondered how they do it? Do you know the training process is similar to landing perfectly on the steering wheel of your car after drifting like that for a few seconds? Now you can learn how to teach your kangaroo how to jump on the car. If you are a bit slow when it comes to driving, then there is no reason why you cannot learn how to jump on the car yourself.

The training of a kangaroo is very simple. All you need to do is to make sure the kangaroo has been taught to jump on a car by its owner using a remote control. It will take only a few days to train your kangaroo to jump on the car by your side without any form of physical encouragement. However, kangaroo training will require some serious patience and time to complete the entire process.

Remote Control Kangaroo Training Kits

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If you are not interested in spending a lot of money and time, you can try to teach your kangaroo to jump using only one method. You should purchase one of those remote control kangaroo training kits that are easily available in pet shops. The first thing that you should do is to make sure that the kangaroo has already received its vaccinations. You should also purchase a special jump board that is easy to use.

The most important aspect of this kangaroo exercise is to make sure that the kangaroo is completely relaxed and calm. This is because kangaroos are known to be very defensive animals. They can get tense and irritated easily if they feel that their territory is being threatened. Once you have kangaroo relaxed, then you should place one of the jump boards on its back. One of the important things that you should remember is that you should never force the kangaroo into jumping on the board.

The Kangaroo Is Comfortable With The Jumping Board

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Place the board about three feet away from the kangaroo’s area. Also make sure that there are no rocks or anything else that will be in its way when jumping. After that, press the remote control to send the kangaroo up the jump. Make sure that the kangaroo is comfortable with the jumping board. It can jump up to three feet high.

After the kangaroo has successfully performed the jump, it is important that you let the kangaroo stay on the board for about ten minutes. Then you should remove the kangaroo from the board. This is to prevent the kangaroo from hurting itself. Also, you should allow the kangaroo to get on the ground and stretch its legs. After removing the kangaroo, you should again start pressing the remote control.

Remove The Car From The Ground

After the kangaroo is standing firmly on the ground, you should remove the car from the ground. If you don’t do these, the kangaroo could hurt itself by falling off the car. It is very important that you press the remote control in this process. Otherwise, you may not be able to make the kangaroo stand securely on the board.

You can train kangaroos to jump on your car at home. You can also find some kangaroos online for training. There are websites that will give you instructions to teach kangaroos to jump on cars.


There are also videos and photos included in these websites for your training. Once a kangaroo gets accustomed to the environment, you should be able to train it to jump on the car without any hassle.

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