Which Movies Feature SkyDiving

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Skydiving is a very thrilling adventure. It involves high speeds and sometimes tough landings. In many ways, this is much like bungee jumping, except that it goes up and down rather than up and down if you are most interested in seeing one of the best skydiving movies, many to choose from.

Sky diving in movies is often one of the most exciting moments you will ever see in a film. Usually, the dive is carried out by an expert skydiver, and there is quite a bit of acrobatic action involved. In this article, we’ll take a look at what happens during this type of dive, as well as some things you need to know before participating in one.

Where are those Scenes Usually Shot?

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Skydiving movies almost always take place in some airbase or airport; this gives the element of surprise since it isn’t the usual scene of a hang gliding over a landscape. The whole thing is basically done in slow motion so that the effect is as much as possible! If you are watching one of these films today, you probably won’t get the complete product, but you will realize the idea of the scene.

Here are Few examples of SkyDiving Movies

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Sunshine Superman

It’s a 2014 Norwegian American documentary on Sky Diving. It is a biopic on the life and death of Carl Boenish, who is considered the “Father of Base Jumping.”

Carl Boenish’s career as a sky driver began in the early 1960s. He is known and featured in various base jumps such as the El Capitan In Yosemite in California while also jumping with his wife Jean off the Troll wall in Norway. This documentary is considered a tribute to a person who lived a passionate life. It offers excellent shots of things that most of us would have loved to do.

The Cutaway Movie

An expert on undercover operations, private investigator Vic Cooper (Stephen Baldwin) has to pose as a real die-hard skydiver for a major sting operation that involves arresting a pair of notorious skyjacking criminals. However, Vic quickly becomes enamored by Red Line’s tough-guy attitude and secretiveness, and he insists on working alongside the dangerous group. As Vic becomes more involved in the group, he discovers they have a stash of military planes used to transport drugs and arms across the country. However, when one of the planes crashes, the group must struggle to survive and escape the plane before it’s blown up.

However, when the plane crashes, everyone on board escapes the plane but not before discovering a top-secret government project being run from underneath the ocean. Unbeknownst to the group, the project can give them superpowers -the ability to fly, run faster and jump higher than normal humans, see in the dark and even turn into a monster. With this newfound power, the group races to find the mysterious man behind the project and learn what happened to the plane. But when the group gets there, they’re shocked to discover that the man they’re searching for has transformed into a monstrous creature that threatens to overtake the world. Now, the group must work together to save the world and stop the impending evil!

The Terminal Velocity movie

The Terminal Velocity Movie is based on the novel “Catch Me If You Can.” A young skydiving teacher is plunging into the exciting world of international spy intrigue when one of his students falls to his death. When he suspects his student’s murder and that it may have been staged, he decides to search for clues and make the connection. Eventually, he learns that the woman was a member of an underground organization specializing in daredevil acts, and he becomes a valued employee of their agency.

The Adrenaline Rush

It’s a documentary that debuted in 2002 that dived deep into the psychological and physical urges behind risk-taking and why humans crave the adrenaline rush so desperately. The Film is based on two foremost adrenaline junkies Adrian Nicholas and Katrina Ollikainen. It features Nicholas completing the world’s longest unassisted human flight, falling for 4 minutes and 55 seconds at speeds of up to 220 kilometers an hour.


Here are some major motion pictures that feature Skydiving as a central plot or part of the plot. Various other movies are being made every year that have Sky diving as part of their plot.

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